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Ringside Shadows #68: Getting to Know You

zup kids

Some might call it a miracle, others.. a curse. Me, I call it an act of god. No matter how you slice it, this is the second Ringside Shadows in as many days.

It's been no secret that I've slightly expanded my posting circuit in the past month or so, and I'm currently offering my work at 5 opinion sections, available at finer newsboards everywhere. With a recent addition, I often feel it necessary to offer a quick introduction before I begin posting.. but things have been quite hectic for me in the past month, and I'm afraid I've lost track of where I've introduced myself and where I've just jumped in headfirst with a post. So this is what I'm gonna do..

About a month or two ago, fellow Triad member John C. did a series of '25 questions' bits, allowing readers to take a quick peek into the person behind the column. During the time these were posted, I was enjoying one hell of a beautiful vacation in San Diego, and by the time I returned I'd missed the fun. John sent me the form, but it was unanimously decided that it was a bit late to offer mine up. So, in the 'sent mail' box it sat.. until now. I honestly can't think of a better form to introduce myself universally than this. Keep in mind that some responses are dated (I've tried to fix them up and bring them up to date as best I can..), and you're sure to see some answers that don't make sense. Plus; I've edited out a couple questions that just don't work without John to quip on them. But I'm rambling... I can make "Here's 23 questions about drq" go on for longer than Sid can make "Hulk smash puny luchas!". So, without further ado..

Here's 23 Questions about drq

1. What is your favorite wrestling organization? Is it WWF, WCW or ECW?

A: After 2 weeks of ECW, i'm maintaining my answer of 'none of the above'.. until the post production is taken a step up on ECW TV. I can't stand seeing the matches interrupted so many times, between the constant commercials and the 'extreme replay'.. there's no flow left.

2. Who are your favorite active wrestlers in North America? (3)

A: Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Bret Hart (and is it a coincidence all 3 are featured on the Triad's banner?)

3. Who do you think is the best wrestler of the 1990s? (3)

A: Bret Hart, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels

4. Five years from now who do you think will be the biggest name in wrestling? (3)

A: Chris Jericho, and...sadly... Hulk Hogan and Sid

5. If you could legitimately beat the crap out of anybody involved in wrestling who would it be? (3)

A: Dusty Rhodes, whoever booked the country singer on Nitro a couple weeks back, and Tony Schiavone.

6. Name the most underrated wrestlers in the business today? (3)

A: Chris Benoit (and I'll bet nobody's surprised here), D'Lo Brown (though he's making a big name for himself lately), and Blitzkrieg.

7. Name the most overrated wrestlers in the business today? (3)

A: Hogan, Sid, and the Rock

8. Who is the best little man in wrestling? (3)

A: 'little man'? Well, i think Dean Malenko is a great little wrestler... I assume you mean cruiserweights, so I'm gonna have to go with Kidman, Jeff Hardy and Brian Christopher.

9. What is the best finisher in wrestling today? (3)

A: if executed correctly, the lion tamer (Jericho's version was toned down a bit for American audiences.. watch Benoit's recent matches with Kanyon and his first meeting with David Flair for an example), the top-rope Juvi driver/Vampiro spike, and Blitzkrieg's top rope whatever..

10. Who has the best entrance music in wrestling? (3)

A: Music? hmm.. Gangrel/the Brood, the Deadpool, and HHH/Chyna

11. Who would win in a pie eating contest between Spike Dudley, Mark Henry, Viscera and Rey Mysterio Jr.?

A: Viscera would clean house, and would probably gobble up poor Rey

12. Who do you think is the best company leader. Is it Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff or Paul Heyman?

A: Paul Heyman amazes me..

13. Who are your favorite wrestlers of all time? (3)

A: Bret Hart, pre-WCW Scott Hall, and Chris Jericho

14. Of the following three men, who would make the better heel. Would it be Steve Austin, Sting or Goldberg?

A: Steve Austin would be incredibly hard to swallow, not to mention impossible to pull off... look at him, everything he does has "heel" written all over it, but he's a monster face. If they could manage it, i'm gonna go with Austin.

15. Has a celebrity ever helped promote a wrestling show? Yes or no. Please explain your thoughts on this issue.

A: Yes... Mike Tyson did a tremendous job at Wrestlemania XIV. The entire audience today could be attributed to Cyndi Lauper and her involvement at the very first Wrestlemania, and as somebody else mentioned, Pete Rose has been fun to watch the last 2 years. ICP seems to have the hearts to stay in the industry, but they're consistantly badmouthing WCW.

16. What is your favorite gimmick match?

A: It would depend upon the performers. Hell in a Cell is always memorable, yet if the Bossman is thrown in there, it becomes a joke. A ladder match is an excellent chance to prove onself, but is often misused. I suppose an "I Quit" match has the most potential, so I'll go with that.

17. Which active wrestler does the best work on the microphone? (3)

A:Chris Jericho, the Rock and Mick Foley

18. Who is your favorite woman involved in wrestling? (3)

A: Torrie Wilson, Miss Madness/Mona, and Nitro girl Spice all keep me close to TNT.

19. If you ran WCW who would be your title holders? The titles are World, US, Tag, TV & Cruiserweight.

A: World: Chris Benoit, feuding with Bret Hart
US: Booker T
Tag: the Triad
TV: Kidman
C ruiser: Juvi

20. If you ran the WWF who would be your title holders? The titles are World, IC, Tag, Euro, Lightweight, Hardcore and Womens.

A:World: Steve Austin
IC: D'Lo Brown
Tag: Christian / Gangrel
Euro: Edge
Lightweight: Brian Christopher
Hardcore: the Big Bossman!!! Just kidding.. let's say Road Dogg...
the women's division is dead.

21. What are your favorite online wrestling sites? They can be newsboards, home pages, e-feds, etc. (5)

A: the big 3, ohmygod.simplenet.com, 2xzone.com, moonsault.com, and micasa 99.

22. Who are your favorite online writers (reporters or columnists)? You cannot include yourself you egomaniac!(5)

A: I'm gonna include the whole Triad in this as one vote.. so Matt Spence and John C., Sister Midnight, Micasa, Dale Blasingame, and the Franchise over at moonsault.com

23. How would you describe yourself in terms of your contributions to the online community. Choose one of the following phrases or select other and explain your choice.
a) I hope I'm getting paid to do this
b) I suck, too bad most people don't realize it yet
c) I am a God of the online wrestling world
d) I hope nobody realizes I have absolutely no social life
e) Other. (Explain if this your choice)

A: 'e'. I suck, but fear nobody reads my column anyway, and therefore nobody realizes it.

Finally, superbob@hotmail.com asks the question that's on everybody's mind..

"What is the deal with "zup kids"?"

Idunno.. it's how I opened up my original column, under a shaky greeting, and it's sort of stuck through all 67 of the offerings i've posted since. I guess it's the only thing that's remained constant through each post I've made (aside from the suck..), and I'm a bit hesitant to let it go.. do you think it belongs?

Anyway, thanks for sticking through this. I just got an e-mail from John C, and things look to be on an upward swing for him once more. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as this is surely a difficult time for him.
And I'm out.

until next time, i remain

The Triad


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