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The Oratory RAW Review Crew: 08/26/02

Really the first RAW I've seen in the last few months that I'd consider to be below average. I was riding on a high after Summerslam, and simply could not WAIT the 24 hours to see what they did with the Monday connection. Unfortunately, they fumbled the ball coming off their hot streak and did pretty much everything I'd hoped they wouldn't.

So the two top contenders for the title are Triple H and the Undertaker. Boy, I couldn't have seen that coming.. a guy who's just reaffirmed his slot as one of the company's top heels, or a guy who's stale as all fuck, just turned de facto face, kills every main event draw he's ever been involved with, and has no chance in hell of having a good match with somebody like Brock. The Undertaker has no business near the main event scene right now, and to be honest neither does Triple H. Both held the gold in the last six months, and both were resounding failures, yet they're still clinging to the title scene. Meanwhile, guys who could take the refreshing youthful aura that surrounded Sunday's event and turn it into a full blown revolution, are sitting with a thumb up their asses. I chastised Dave in The World's Greatest Summerslam Preview for worrying Booker's position in the WWE to death, but I'm starting to really see his point now, a mere 48 hours later. If you want to see a surefire feud that would draw, would establish two brand new main eventers, and would give everybody out there a fresh match, you couldn't look any further than Booker / Brock. But we can't have that...

Moving beyond the main event picture, RAW was just missing something. Everybody was off just a step, and the show never felt complete. The Snuka segment was predictable, as once I saw him on his way to the ring I was thinking "three minutes," and sure enough... here come the Island Boys. As Jay pointed out, Jericho was golden last night, but even his match was on the pissy side. Much as I enjoyed seeing shades of the Lyin' Heart of WCW, annoying fans right through a commercial break, I really didn't like the match that followed. It felt much less like a competition and much more like two guys just going through the motions.

Hell, even Kane's much-ballyhooed return didn't do it for me. He looked fired up as hell, and he's really put himself in great shape, but that new outfit is just atrocious. With the dropping of his original mask, they've completely obliterated every shred of his first, superbly designed wardrobe. He's now just a guy with a goofy mask and bright red clothes. And, to see such a visually stunning character go that route just makes me sad.

About the only good segment of the evening was that RVD / Dreamer match, which was just phenomenal. I've said it a couple weeks running now, but with the right build Tommy Dreamer could yet make it as a WWE uppercard talent. He's been on an absolute tear of late, and I've been loving every minute of it. Though he dropped the match and, ultimately, the title, there was no shame in doing so after a match like that. Big thumbs up here.

Scratch that, there were two good segments. I laughed my ass off watching the Undertaker, as he attempted to recover from running his bike into the black barricade, while circling the ring. This fan was just standing there staring, emotionlessly, as the Taker slowly backed up, nodded, and scooted away with his tail between his legs. It was like an awkward moment of silence, and it's not the first time I've enjoyed a silently comedic moment like that involving the Deadman.

For a killer hardcore match and an Undertaker fuck up, I give ye a...

Score: 4 / 10


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