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The Oratory RAW Review Crew: 08/05/02

Following up a superb July, August's WWE programming stumbled a bit out of the gates, tripping over its own enormous feet before picking up the pace again. There were segments of this show that were really, really good. With that said, there were also segments of this show that weren't quite up to par. Don't misread, I'm still much more entertained right now than I was two months ago. I no longer watch RAW with a feeling of dread, but that doesn't mean there's no chance that feeling will ever return. They can still screw this thing up.

One thing I found absolutely hysterical, for little or no reason, is the little segment between Chris Harvard and Victoria. He didn't remember her name, but he remembered it was written really big across her ass, so he took a peek when he needed to address her. I laughed for like twenty minutes about that little gag, and I don't know why. Maybe it's because wrestlers have been wearing their names across those rear cheeks for as long as I can remember, and there hasn't really been any reason for it until now.

Jericho was in rare form last night, used to his full potential for the first time in ages. He's at his best when portraying the heel who takes himself so seriously it becomes a joke to his peers and the audience. I loved that he was interrupted twice, mid-sentence, and that despite all that he still got the last word. He and RVD had the kind of match that makes you sit up and realize these guys might just make it in the main event. And, judging from the Nature Boy's enthusiasm post match, Y2J's feud with Ric Flair is going to be one to remember. There's nobody out there who can touch Flair when he's excited, and despite the slow betrayal of his body, the man's excited. Might be the last great series we'll see out of him, so enjoy it.

Every last one of Triple H's segments last night reminded me why he doesn't work as a face. Despite the big time interest level in his angle with Shawn Michaels, he was painfully boring and uninspiring the whole night through. I honestly didn't care that he'd pulled out his sledgehammer again... especially after he shattered the damn thing hitting a table in front of Team Canada. I didn't think he was entertaining, even when it was revealed that he was Shawn's assailant after all. Why bother with the tease, when they'd already turned him in a big way two weeks ago? All it accomplished was taking Shawn off TV in the weeks leading up to his big comeback match. Whoopee. I don't really care about this match anymore, no matter how insane that might sound. Here's hoping that changes...

Good, but not great. It needed a kick in the pants that never really arrived.

Score: 6.2 / 10


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